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Post by Finery Workshop on Fri Feb 27, 2015 1:07 pm


This thread contains the basic rules of the site. If you find anyone who has broken the rules, report them to an administrator or moderator with proof (a screenshot for proof is recommended. More information on screenshots below).

This page has the basic rules/guidelines for the site.

8 General Rules:
  • Be respectful; no insults, death threats, unnecessary reporting, [censored], flaming or trolling, fighting (debates are fine, but don't be hurtful), rude/offensive name-calling (forum games like a "give the person above you a nickname" game does NOT give any excuse), asking inappropriate, rude, or personal questions (Ask a Question thread is NO excuse), etc.
  • Keep it PG-13; some children may come to this site, and for the sake of some parents not wanting their children to see mature content at a young age, please keep it to a distance. Keep your language as clean as possible; please no nudity or cuss/swearing/inappropriate language. If you feel you must cuss or swear, (which you probably shouldn't have to,) censor it. Posts with cussing/swearing (even if censored) every other word will be deleted. This rule includes messages in chat--no swearing/cussing/inappropriate language.
  • Any designs posted must be an original work; if the design was done with a friend or someone else, credit them (if they wish to not be "pointed out," then they may be anonymous). Stolen designs may be, but is not limited to: traced, shaded/recolored, etc.
    If any stolen is found, report it with proof to one of the admins.
  • Chain messages and spam messages are not allowed; chain messages are superstitious messages that usually contain a threat, saying that if you don't do "x" ("x" can be stuff such as posting the message on 10 different forums, posting the message in 15 different comment sections, etc.) then something bad will happen to you (usually the case involves being killed). Other chain messages may say something good will happen (like "being kissed by your crush," "being asked out by your crush," etc.) if you do "x" (same as previous "x"). These of course are spam as they are fake and superstitious. Spam messages count for (in example,) replying with just an emote (i.e. Very Happy) in a thread. If you find any spam/chain messages, screenshot it (Print Screen button on the keyboard) and PM it to one of the Admins.
  • Please no duplicate threads; try to look to see if the thread you wish to make exists before going about to make it. If it doesn't exist, (or if you can't seem to find an existing thread of the thread you wish to make,) then you should be fine. At the same time, please no spam threads.
  • Please do not double-post. Double-posting is when you post, and then you post again before anyone else has posted. Instead, use the Edit button and add to your post. If it is an update to a thread, or if you are bumping a thread, (only bump a thread after every 24 hours) then that is the exception. Do not constantly bump within 24 hours each time.
  • A little chit-chat is fine in a thread, but please try to stay on topic with the thread. If you wish to go off-topic with someone, please carry it to PM or chat.
  • You must respect the moderators and admins. They work hard to keep this site clean and friendly, and the admins have specifically chosen them. It doesn't matter if they're younger than you, if you disrespect the moderators to an extent you may definitely be temporarily banned, and if you continue to you will be banned. This rule does not apply if you see a moderator doing something against the rules and warn them not to. Please contact the admins if you see a moderator doing anything against the rules or if they are bullying you, etc.
Fashion Rules:
  • I understand fashion is fashion. But please resist posting any very immodest clothing. Please also do not put cuss words on your clothes, and if you do, please censor the word.
  • Similar like in the general rule, do not post anything someone else made unless you give them credit for it and have their permission. Please also do not edit/recolor any of someone else's designs without the creator's permission. 
  • Do not sell any fashions you get from the Present or any Preset Fashions in the Materials Center.
  • If you are selling or auctioning off your fashions, you have one copy you may keep for yourself and 2 others you can sell. Please do not sell your fashion to anymore than 2 members.
  • Do not use any fashions from GirlSense or DS, only make fashions using the FW model and only post fashions with them.
Forum Rules:
  • Do not post more than once in the Introduction category. When you first post again, you'll get the 50 buttons taken away from you and a warning; if you do it a second time you'll get 100 buttons taken away from you and a warning, if you do it a third time you'll get all of your buttons taken away from you and a temporary ban. If you do it a fourth time you'll be permanently banned.
  • Do not spam any of the forum categories. Only post in the forums if you actually have something to post, not just because you want buttons.

Information about screenshots:
On your keyboard, whether you type on a laptop or connected keyboard, there is a button that says "Prnt Scrn," or "Print Screen" on it. By pressing this button, you take an shot of what's on your computer screen. By next going into MS Paint or an image-editing program, you can paste (or press CTRL+V) the screenshot, and then save it as any other image. 

The benefits of screenshots are that if you're experiencing something odd with a page and no one else can see it, you can take a screenshot of it and show what you're talking about. If you find someone has stolen a fashion and claimed it as their own, or broken the rules in chat or in a thread by speaking rude or inappropriate language, you can screenshot it which can serve as solid evidence. These are just a few benefits of screenshots.

Rules may change without notice, so be wary.

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